The position of this real cheap house is super for all year round access, views and speed to get to the border roads, Kardzhali main town, the little local villages and towns, the garden is one you may wish to sit in in the summer months, enjoying a bar-b.

Yes it needs total rebuilt, put a caravan in its delightful garden and rebuild in your leisure.

This is the cheapest house I have encountered in this region, in any condition!

The end wall has caved in, the house will obviously require quite some work/rebuild, but has plenty of local stone work if you knock it down and rebuild, or choose the more difficult renovation of this old house!

The garden is around 2 deka, and the seller lives in the same village for speedy completion of the documents too

The owner seller wants 11,000 leva for the derelect and garden and as I say, he lives locally for you to deal with him and the required documents

Join the forum to enquiry about viewing this derelect property for sale – EXPATS FORUM

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