Trabant with roof rackWow, I cannot cease to be amazed at the condition of this quite ancient vehicle, cutely named ‘Trabant’ A sturdy 4 seater, 2 stroke vehicle, German made and still to be seen smoking the roads of Bulgaria.

a Trabant pick up!A very popular Bulgarian vehicle and by far my favorite of all the ancient Bulgarian vehicles.

The Trabant wasn’t really a paper mache vehicle, but paper was often used in its construction.

Born in 1957, the number of Trabants made reached almost 4 million by early 1991!

this Trabant wants to be a treeHere are a small collection of Trabants I have seen driving around locally. They include :

The Trabant who wants to be a tree!

The Trabant pick up – custom made conversion!

A Trabant with a roof rack!

and the super speedy Trabant that actually overtook me before I sped up to grab the photos of it’s happy occupants!

a Trabant overtakes me!

Overtaken by a Trabant!

Two stroke Trabant

a happy Trabant owner

the happy Trabant owner

Very smoky indeed!

the smokey 2 stroke Trabant

I was left in a mound of smoke!

and there is an estate Trabant up in town, will grab the photo next time I am up there