Sedlari Momchilgrad

SEDLARI Momchilgrad Bulgaria

IV Milenium BC archaeological dig site

These are the rare photos of Sedlari the ancient town unearthed during excavations to build the new road connecting Kardjali with Makaza border pass.

It is unknown when Sedlari was abandoned, but relics recovered from this huge archaeological dig site, have dated Sedlari to the 4 thousand years before Christ.

A superb ancient and well preserved archaeological site, it has now been covered back up for all time once again, by mounds of mud and a new tarmac road.

I visited Sedlari in Momchilgrad and these are just some of the photos I took. It’s just a shame the new road was not laid to the side of this site for all archaeological buffs to visit and study this now disappeared

I hope you enjoy my photos of Sedlari

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