Kardzhali Museum

Kardjali Museum

Welcome to the Museum in Kardjali.

The artifacts living in this lovely museum are well worth a visit. The entrance fee to the museum is 3 leva and you will get to see :

  • Traditional Bulgarian costumes
  • Traditional leather work
  • Traditionally made socks
  • Traditional tobacco agriculture machinery
  • Traditional tools
  • Traditional weaving machinery
  • Traditional Bulgarian Jewellery
  • Traditional Ploughing tools
  • Ancient Fashion Jewellery
  • Ancient Bulgarian Rings
  • Ancient Bulgarian Coins
  • Ancient wall frescos
  • Ancient figurines
  • Ancient Bulgarian jugs and vessels
  • Ancient Bulgarian Columns
  • Ancient Bulgarian rugs and blankets
  • Bulgarian Christian Heritage
  • Bulgarian quartz crystals including Fools Gold
  • A reconstruction of Sedlari Momchilgrad

and how Kardjali looked a long time ago too

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