HOUSE with very large garden plus brick built side barn/lean to plus brick built garden lodge for sale

This house for sale near the Greek Border in Bulgaria is situated on an asphalt road in the middle of the village close to the Greek border Makaza Komotini

NEW REDUCED PRICE on this huge house needing complete renovation

The current owner seller just emailed me the latest price on this HUGE property very close to the new Makaza border pass road and Kirkovo .. offer near to £35,000 and it is yours! (price reduction for fast sale, you can make an offer of less if you are ready to move fast on buying this property)

The house has electricity and water supply

The house with its huge garden, is for sale direct by owner.

It is close to Fotinovo, Kirkovo, Makaza border pass, Bulgaria

HOUSE FOR SALE nr KIRKOVO nr Greek border (Makaza border road)

close to the Makaza Komotini Greek Bulgarian border road, proposed to be open soon. This huge house for sale direct by owner, has all the necessary documents to make the sale/purchase. The house appears very solid and the roof is in good condition It requires updating, new double glazed windows will vastly improve this property for sale with potential to create a B&B or small hotel with 8 en-suite bedrooms.

The house for sale is directly off an asphalt road for all year round access, the house has plenty of parking space and a huge garden with a brick built barn, easily converted into further accommodation. Plus a brick built lean-to by the house, easily annexed into the main house.

Къща за продажба в близост до гръцката Гранична прохода Маказа

15 + стаи плюс 2 големи хамбари Много близо до Кирково за Маказа на границата. Къщата изглежда солидна и покривът е в ОК състояние. Изисква актуализиране на цялата къща, нови двойно остъклени прозорци, значително ще подобри този имот за продажба с потенциал за създаване на B & B, или малък хотел с BG-собствена спални. Къща за продажба е директно асфалтов път за целогодишен достъп кръг, в къщата има достатъчно място за паркиране и голяма градина с тухлена плевня, които лесно се превръщат в допълнително настаняване. Плюс тухлена постно до къщата, лесно приложен в основната къща.

Σπίτι προς πώληση κοντά στην ελληνική πέρασμα των συνόρων Makaza. 15 δωμάτια + συν 2 μεγάλες σιταποθήκες. Πολύ κοντά στο Kirkovo για τα σύνορα Makaza. Το σπίτι φαίνεται συμπαγής και η σκεπή αυτή είναι εντάξει κατάσταση. Όλο το σπίτι απαιτεί την ενημέρωση, νέα κουφώματα με διπλά τζάμια, θα βελτιώσει σημαντικά αυτήν την ιδιοκτησία για την πώληση με δυνατότητα να δημιουργήσει ένα B & B ή μικρό ξενοδοχείο με δωμάτια με ιδιωτικό μπάνιο. Το σπίτι είναι προς πώληση άμεσα από την άσφαλτο για όλο το χρόνο πρόσβασης γύρο, το σπίτι διαθέτει άφθονο χώρο στάθμευσης και ένα μεγάλο κήπο με έναν αχυρώνα χτισμένο τούβλο, εύκολα μετατρέπεται σε περαιτέρω διαμονή. Συν ένα τούβλο χτισμένο σε άπαχο από το σπίτι, εύκολα προσαρτάται στην κύρια κατοικία.


Well, i was shown this large house yesterday, I was astounded at the condition of it too!

the very close proximity to the Makaza – Komotini – Kavala road, makes this house a superb choice, especially as it really does have all the documents required to proceed with the sale and purchase! quite a rarity in this neck o the woods! It is for sale direct by its current owner, who no doubt can help you get the necessary documents to buy the huge house, now, this Makaza – Komotini road is still under construction, and might well be for another couple of years, however, the house is currently being offered at xx,000 euros, for a sale now, and that will change once that road is open, purrhaps beforehand if it becomes a 10-20 min journey into Komotini with the Makaza road, the houses in Komotini start at 220,000 euros so, with some work on this house, new double glazed windows, some reorganisation that would create one mighty huge home or purhaps a small hotel/pension/bed and breakfast, the price is currently a good one, as is the house

the house consists of:

ONE LARGE HOUSE on two floors
ONE BRICK BUILT LEAN-TO at the side of the main house

The current owner tells me that the roof is in very good condition, and i could not smell any damp in the house, obviously you would check it over yourself, but the walls were all good condition, yes i thought it a very sturdy house that would make a mighty huge family home!

It has a very large garden, i will be posting the photo of the plan below for you to see the house is situated right on the road, slightly set back, with more than ample parking if you wanted a bed n breakfast etc, it is situated opposite the local supermarket, cafe and the village road is kept as snow free as a village road can be in winter for all year round access the road is a flat ride from the main local town of Kirkovo, probably a couple’ish of kilometers up the road, the current owner has drawn up plans of how he was going to change the house into a little hotel/bed and breakfast and with some possible changes of the main house, then the lean to and the 3 little room barn in the garden, it could make for 8 bedrooms all ensuite (as told to me)

p.s. please note i am not the agent, this is a direct by owner sale


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