Wide choice of Bulgarian properties for sale

with a wide choice of price budget

4000 euro to 180k euros

choose from derelect renovation projects to ready to move into

some needing some homely personal touches added

the properties are situated on the Yambol and Haskovo borders

and all are for sale direct by current owner.

The documents including the Skitza which is the plan of the property sited in the garden and surrounding neighbour houses are all available for your peace of mind when you wish to buy.


Sinapovo Haskovo on the border with Yambol

a total of 8 houses from 4000 euros to 25,000 euros are for sale, with full documents including Skitza (plan of property)


Srem on the borders of Yambol and Haskovo

a total of 5 houses from 10,000 euros to 180,000 euros


a total of 2 houses, 5000 euro to 20,000 euros

– Granitovo is in the Yambol region and is about 7km from Sinapovo

Yambol city 9,000 euros house for sale


houses for sale from 65,000 euro to 500,000 euros

Also land available Yambol Haskovo regions

Yambol Haskovo cheap derelect Bulgarian houses for sale

Yambol Haskovo cheap derelect Bulgarian houses for sale

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