A wide choice of Bulgarian properties now available for sale in south east Bulgaria, near the Greek border and near the Turkish border

Bulgarian properties nr to Elhovo, Srem, Sinapovo, Granitovo Bulgaria for sale from 26,000 leva to 80,000 leva (approx 13k euro to 40k euro)

Some of the properties are well on their way to being renovated, some of the houses are ready to move into, some of the houses are derelect and some houses are part renovated as just DIY finishing jobs plus land for sale by the riverside.

This is the overview of the properties for sale and in the next few days, I will be getting the individual description and prices of the properties in their own pages, you may in the meantime contact the seller direct to discuss viewing the houses for sale with him.

Most of these properties have existing outhouses that could easily be renovated into guest accommodation or granny annex or for hobbies etc

Some of them are situated with wonderful views over the entire village and surrounding areas, some are in the village but all can offer privacy

All costs will be bourne by the buyer

The buyer assures me all documents are available to complete your purchase

All descriptions and prices are as provided by the direct owner/seller, this site accepts no responsibility for errors.

The photos near the bottom of the page, are a selection taken around Elhovo Bulgaria

All the properties are in either Srem Topolovgrad, Granitovo Yambol, Sinapovo Topolovgrad, all near to the border for Turkey and Greece, not too far for the airport in Burgas/Bourgas or Plovdiv and there are more properties to come from other regions near Yambol and Haskovo too.


more links will be added here as I get the photos description and price of each property online

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