3 plots with 2 x derelect houses

asking price 15k euro/30k leva

SALE OFFER for speedy sale

10k EURO (20k leva)

offer applies for 50% deposit placed before 12th MARCH 2012

approx £8,500

approximate 3+ deka

This is 3 plots of land, two of them have derelect houses on them, the other one has the derelect foundations on it.

They are parted by one small field, so 2 plots are neighbours and at the edge of the village with open access to fields

For the 3 plots bought together, the asking price is 30,000 leva (15k euro)

but, for the two neighbouring plots alone, without the third plot, the asking price is 25,000 leva (12,500 euro)

plots of land for sale with derelect foundations for new build properties Bulgaria

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