Tatul Tomb of Orpheus

Tatul the Tomb of Orpheus

Momchilgrad Kardzhali

Ancient Thracian Tomb of Orpheus at TatulWhat is the Tomb of Orpheus at Tatul?

It is an ancient Thracian Stone Anctuary and an Ancient Temple dedicated to Orpheus and, is situated close to Momchilgrad in Bulgaria

Where can you find Tatul Tomb of Orpheus?Thracian Sanctuary the Temple of the Tomb of Orpheus at Momchilgrad

This Thracian Temple is located near to Momchilgrad and is clearly signposted from south of Kardzhali.
It’s renovation was funded by the Momchilgrad council together with European Funding. It is a small Sanctuary of Orpheus and now has an entrance fee to cover the maintenance costs of this super archaeological site.

Please note, that although the pathways to this Ancient Sanctuary have now been renovated, the path leading up to this Temple is still a bit tricky, the car park is nearby but you cannot drive right up to the Temple.

There is now an entrance Fee of 3 leva for entrance to see the restored Tomb of Orpheus at Tatul

TATUL the TOMB of ORPHEUS ANCIENT SITES TO VISIT ARCHAEOLOGY at the TOMB of TATUL SOUTHERN BULGARIA TATUL The Tomb of Orpheus at Tatul Rhodopes Archaeological Sites to visit Kardjali and Momchilgrad southern Bulgaria

TATUL Tomb of Orpheus Kardjali near Momchilgrad, Tatul the ancient church, Tatul the sacred Pagan Sanctuary, Tatul the ancient fortress and Tatul the TOMB of ORPHEUS in 2011 With its ancient tombs temple holy well and staircases dating from the 4th, 3rd and 2nd century BC, Tatul, historically, has been quite a busy sacred place!Again it was time to take a visit to Tatul to view the updated ancient historic site see what changes the EU and local Bulgarian funding has made there and most of all because I purrrrsonally love going there! We knew we were getting close to the famous Tomb of Orpheus at Tatul southern Bulgaria and were duly greeted by the first sign which is located just to the side of a Bulgarian cafe named Tatul! The Tatul tomb is very well signposted and unlike the castle at Ustra we found it very easily. Over the next few pages you can see how they are working very hard at Tatul to renovate the route to the ancient tomb. Currently the path is suitable for very agile mountain goats and people wearing rubber boots! Great care was being taken to preserve the surrounding environment and trees while creating a safe passage for people to view the tomb. This conservation and restoration of the Sanctuary of Orpheus at Tatul is co-financed by the European Union and Republic of Bulgaria


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