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Treasures in return for a house advertised for sale!

Treasures in return for a house advertised for sale!

I live in the southern Bulgarian region of Kardzhali

I arrived for the first time in January 2007 to see if I could enjoy a new life in Bulgaria.

I saw many cheap properties on the internet and immediately set off to find them. I found many cheap Bulgarian properties, but on closer investigation realised that these cheap houses would have to be completely demolished and rebuilt as they were all far too gone for any basic repairs.

I did glance at houses being sold in very cheap run down regions of Bulgaria that were on offer for less than the price of a car. Howevers, I also saw postings that put me off risking this avenue.

I found a lot of Bulgarian properties that the neighbour had stated was for sale, the owner howevers, usually living in Turkey, had no idea his house was up for sale, some owners had disappeared and would be impossible to contact to discuss price for the sale, signatures for documents would be impossible and, living in Turkey, they would expect far higher price for their house than the neighbour stated!

A local Bulgarian gentleman and his wife took me under their kind wings and helped me to buy the properties I now own, direct from the owners, who lived locally and helped with all the documents required to close the sale.

I try to help the locals to sell their houses direct to the buyer, enabling them to achieve the best possible price for their home and to have the entire proceeds from their sale.

What do I get in return.

Many tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers and other home grown produce, plus if the old house has old items such as wooden chests, old wooden milk churns, like the photo on the left, they donate them to me for their advert.

You will not be paying any fees to me on top of the price of the property, because I am NOT an estate agent.

Neither can you expect me to run around on your behalf at my own expense. I am not here to spend my hard earned money on your house viewings or purchase.

These adverts on this site are for sale direct by current owner, you will deal with the owner. If you require help to get your Bulgarian company formed, or to find a translator etc, maybe I can help, or check out the large amount of help and information on my Bulgarian forum which has been online since 2007 and now my rather newer Facebook page

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