Vampires in Bulgaria

Vampires in Bulgaria

plus Vampire blood sucking Bats

Vampires in Bulgaria

Recently many medieval skeletons, some dating from the 13th and 14th centuries, have been discovered by archaeologists excavating, in the Black Sea area of Bulgaria, that have evidence of stakes through their hearts. Some of the stakes are made of metal, while others show signs of being wooden. So far more than 100 such Vampire burials have been unearthed in Bulgaria, yet the Bulgarians remain curious as to why this is of such interest to the likes of us.

Some of the suspected vampires, even had their teeth pulled just in case the steel rod through their heart didn’t do the job.

the Balkans have always had mysterious mists and myths. Some of these myths include my super photos of the Bat with horns and vampire like teeth!

Bulgarian vampires Bat with horns and teeth

Vampire Bats in Bulgaria

See the bat here in my Beasts of the Balkans site. This is a rare and endangered Bulgarian vampire Bat who usually live in the relative safety of their nearby cave, which is a protected area, however, a pair of mating Bat’s were wintering it out inside a brick of a wall I was to knock down, quite unaware of the pair of Bats inside, of of the bats remained uninjured, the other one fell to the floor with the broken brick and appeared to have died, yet one of the workmen ensured that the wings of the Bat could open, revived the Bat and off it flew to catch up with its mate once again.

These vampire bats will feed on any resting donkey, horse or cow, sucking the blood before setting back to the bat cave.

Vampire mythology in Bulgaria is nothing new, but is of great excitement for a rather macabre interest from vampire hunting tourists!

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